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Yvonne's Chronicle

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Yvonne is a motherhood + home content creator. She documents her journey as a mother to her son, Finneas, on her Instagram @homewithyviii.

When she sent us pictures of what she did with her Chronicle Photo Journal, we were blown away by the creativity and the special care she had put into the journal. We're so glad that our photo journal can be a part of her journey of being a mother 🤎


"It's been about three weeks since I've unboxed this beautiful photo journal and I've finally begun to pull the little pieces together. I am so happy that this little babe's ultrasound photos now have a beautiful place to call home. it was a serious struggle for me to find a place to store such precious memories, like the paper used to measure his length and head circumference by the nurse when he was first born."

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