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Chai The Sticker

  • Meet Chai, our little cozy cup of tea (or coffee!)

    We designed this sticker to be a cute and cozy companion that you can stick in your bullet journals, planners, laptops, water bottles, photo albums, and more! We drew inspiration from the many cups of tea and coffee that we drink daily to get all of our work done... and also just when we want to vibe and chill out :)

    All stickers will be shipped in a flat envelope to keep shipping costs low, aka free!

    This sticker is made by @stickerapp

    NOTE: Please note that due to the many variations between monitors, browsers, and devices, colors may appear differently on the monitor than on the finished product.

    • Material: Vinyl, glossy finish
    • Size: 3"x3"
    • Waterproof
    • Hand-drawn with love and handled with care