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Journal Cards: Custom Set for Gifts

  • This journal card set is a complementary product to our Chronicle Photo Journal. We noticed that one of the most popular use cases of the Chronicle Photo Journal is for gift giving - so these custom journal cards were designed to help you express your appreciation to your loved ones! These 4"x6" cards are much sturdier and more durable than your average flashcards.

    Other uses of these sturdy cards include using them as thank you cards, memo cards, letters, postcards, and more. Let your creativity run wild!


  • Each set contains 5 cards, each with a unique prompt and template design.


    1. What I love about you
    2. My favorite memories with you
    3. My wishes for you
    4. My favorite photo of us
    5. These are some things you taught me...

    Product specifications:

    - 14 pt paper (extra heavyweight duty)
    - Blank, unruled
    - Color: White
    - Size: 4"x 6"
    - Acid-free
    - Will fit in 4x6 photo album sleeves