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Mother's Day Gift Kit (Limited Edition with Prints)

  • There is nothing more special than the memories you share together with your mom, and this gift kit is a way to celebrate those memories!


    This Mother's Day Gift Kit is meant to be given as a complete set. Fill out the Chronicle Photo Journal (included) using your photos and our Mother's Day journal card set (featuring special Mother's Day templates), and gift it along with personalized prints and an appreciation sticker for your mom - all included in the kit. 


    This is a gift that your mom will keep close forever.


    Submitting Your Prints: Please share a link to a google drive or dropbox folder with your selected photos in .png or .jpg form as live photos are not supported at this time. Also please ensure that your link is accessible.


    NOTE: We have a limited number of the Mother's Day Gift Kit - so get yours now before it runs out of stock!

  • Each gift kit includes:


    • Choice of the Original or Woodland Chronicle Photo Journal 
    • #1 Mom Appreciation 3x3 Vinyl Sticker
    • 5 4"x6" blank journal cards
    • 5 4"x6" Mother's Day themed journal cards
    • 25 or 110 count photo prints of your selection