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The Chronicle Photo Journal - Oopsie Edition

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  • After countless conversations with travelers, students, parents, artists, and more, we crafted The Chronicle - a photo journal designed to bring a modern twist to a classic photo album. Beautiful, functional, and simple, it is the perfect home for your memories. 


    While making the Chronicles, we found that some of them had mild imperfections like a tilted front pocket or some small white dots on the lining. Sustainability is very important to us. And since these Photo Journals are almost perfect, we decided to make them accessible to you at a lower cost! Each Oopsie Chronicle has its own personality and we hope you love them!


    The Chronicle Photo Journal comes with a pack of 10 journal cards. You can purchase extra journal cards here.

    • Size: 19cm x 23.2cm (7.5" x 9.1")
    • 120 4"x6"plastic sleeves
    • High quality linen cloth cover 
    • Elastic strap
    • Beautiful copper foiling on cover and spine
    • Slot for labeling the photo journal
    • 1 blank label card 
    • 10 4"x6" blank  journal cards
    • Back pocket with velcro seal