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The Chronicle Photo Journal Set

  • After countless conversations with travelers, students, parents, artists, and more, we crafted The Chronicle - a photo journal designed to bring a modern twist to a classic photo album. Beautiful, functional, and simple, it is the perfect home for your memories.


    With the Chronicle Photo Journal Set, you get a pair of photo journals designed to complement each other. The Original Chronicle Photo Journal is light and airy while the Chronicle Photo Journal - Woodland Edition is, rich, gold, and warm. Whether you display them on the coffee table or on your shelves, they're going to look great together 🤎🤍


    The set comes with a pack of 20 journal cards. You can purchase extra journal cards here.


    To our UK customers:  The UK has placed a VAT of 20% on goods valued up to $180 USD, effective Jan 1, 2021. We ask that you purchase our product through our Etsy store instead to make it easier for us to navigate this. Thank you!

  • The set includes:

    • 1 Chronicle Photo Journal - Original Edition
    • 1 Chronicle Photo Journal - Woodland Edition

    Each journal has the following product details:

    • Size: 19cm x 23.2cm (7.5" x 9.1")
    • 120 4"x6"plastic sleeves
    • High quality brown linen cloth cover 
    • Elastic strap
    • Beautiful foiling on cover and spine 
    • Slot for labeling the photo journal
    • 1 blank label card 
    • 10 4"x6" blank  journal cards
    • Back pocket with velcro seal