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Meet The Chronicle.

Your photo album should look as beautiful as your memories.

After countless conversations with travelers, students, parents, artists, and more, we designed The Chronicle - a photo journal that brings a modern twist to the classic photo album.

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New Arrival: Moonlight

Introducing our newest design, The Chronicle Photo Journal - Moonlight Edition. Magical, whimsical, and luxurious, this design pairs elegantly with the light Original and earthy Woodland Chronicles.

we believe in celebrating life's beautiful moments through hands-on storytelling
beautiful photo journals worthy of your best memories.

We know that your moments are precious, so we carefully designed a product that can be a home for your memories. 


The Chronicle looks elegant and timeless on your shelf - perfect to be a part of your home for years to come.

a system that redefines the traditional pocket photo album.

The Chronicle comes with custom 4x6 cards that you can slide in with your photos. Decorate them, draw on them, get your loved ones to write on them. 

They’re all yours to tell your story better.

IMG_2096 (1).JPG
a space to title your Chronicle photo journal.

Sometimes photos need to be contextualized. We provide custom title cards to describe the moments you’re celebrating in the photo journal. 

It's like a memo to your future self.

a back pocket that always has your back.

Extra photos, ticket stubs, letters from your loved ones - The Chronicle takes care of all these little mementos.

It’s like a treasure trove for your future self.

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"Uninspired by the frumpy, old-fashioned style favoured by so many traditional photo albums, this USA-based duo wanted to put a modern, aesthetically-favoured spin on scrapbooking and album creating – and it’s fair to say that they’ve succeeded."
Viaggio Magazine
"The idea is that you want something beautiful to hold all your memories so that you don’t have to hide it or keep it off your coffee table. Project Memory Co. created The Chronicle so that your favorite moments can be seen!"
- With Rachl V.
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yvonne | @homewithyviii

mother to Finn & content creator

discover our photo journals at the hands of mothers, travelers, and creatives.

how would you use yours?

rachel | @rachlvalente

home + lifestyle content creator

abi | @abiprowse

traveler, founder & editor for Viaggo Magazine

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